So, following on from last week’s Silver Sock revelation, I had to talk about Bamboo socks. 
And frankly socks are so important and, also, current (think men wearing brogues and going sockless and cue fungal infections) that I might ramble on about this for a few weeks hence!! 
Bamboo is a material like no other and creating socks out of this material is genius. Why? Let me list the ways. 
Like the Silver Socks, Bamboo Socks are thermo-regulating meaning that they are perfect for those that suffer from cold feet and indeed, just as difficult to live with, hot feet. Bamboo has absorbing properties thanks to its hollow fibres.  
This wicks moisture away from the skin and as a result helps prevent fungal infections and blisters. Also, as it is naturally anti-bacterial foot odour is reduced by over 70%. Over and above all this bamboo is hypo-allergenic so suits everyone. 
Bamboo has other properties and lifestyle reasons to have you flocking out to buy not only socks but entire outfits made from this material. 
It is so soft and luxurious against the skin that once tried anything else will feel inferior and to add to this it provides UV protection, cutting out 97.5% of UV rays. With this this protection and breathability, you would be forgiven for wearing socks and sandals on your holidays…. Not! 
The environment also benefits from choosing bamboo over traditional cotton as it takes 90% less acreage to produce equal amounts of raw material. It is a natural crop that needs no fertilizers or pesticides and is kind to soil as being a grass it does not need to be uprooted to be harvested. As if you need any more convincing it takes little water to grow and it 100% biodegradable. 
There you go, biodegradable and sustainable and not a sign of scratchy hemp about, what more could you want from a sock apart from EVERYTHING!!!! 
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