Last blog I wrote a bit about who we are, what we do… that’s podiatrists, not some alien species, and how to look after your feet.  
In this sequel (lol) I want to explain a wee bit more about conditions we treat and why podiatrists are the go to guys when it comes to lower limb conditions. 
People walk lots and wear shoes, or don’t wear shoes, or wear the wrong shoes. FACT 
People get foot problems or knee problems or hip problems and hope there is an instant cure. FACT 
These two facts are related funny enough and when people get problems generally we are too busy to do anything or aren’t sure who to go to. 
Most podiatrists are knowledgeable and approachable and if we feel that we are not the right professional for you we will refer you to the right one. 
A podiatrist will not just treat the symptoms and I will use a very common problem called Plantar Fasciitis.  
This is a condition affecting the plantar fascia which is a ligament in the underside of the foot and often presents as heel pain. A podiatrist will not just strap up your foot or sell you an insole they will find out WHY you have this problem for example one cause is having a lower arch on the affected foot due to this leg being slightly longer.  
While we rarely get one leg suddenly growing longer we do find ways to compensate for this anomaly in our youth and then as we get older and less flexible we find that we can get problems from this sort of thing. So once the podiatrist finds out the cause of the problem they can work with you to get you comfortable as quickly as possible and then prevent recurrence long term. 
This is our approach to all our work, prevention of a recurrence of symptoms be it an ingrowing nail or knee pain. 
The College of Podiatry, in your free leaflet, or go to their website says that there are 100 moveable parts in each foot including 26 bones and 20 muscles. They really are Feats of Engineering’s (ha ha … apologies). 
So during this Feet For Life month look at how you can keep your feet for life, how you can help a family member keep on the move or heck just go for it, become a podiatrist!!  
I did. 
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