Right we know what a bunion is, and we know that there can be many different reasons for them but what do we do to treat them?  
Before you book in for major surgery there are several ways to deal with bunions on a day to day basis. 
First is your bunion painful? Several people have bunions and they are not painful and in this case you may choose to totally ignore them or you may will to preserve the joint as best you can and prevent further deterioration. 
Second if it is painful can you associate this with something in particular? For example, is a shoe or a particular activity making it worse? If so generally avoiding shoes that elicit pain and addressing footwear during a pain triggering activity will help. 
In my opinion wearing a piece of footwear with a supportive foot bed indoors helps stop the collapsing of flat feet into the ground and helps joint pain. We are indoors a lot and our floors are human made and very, very flat. So, a foot bed that brings the ground up to your foot prevents this collapse. 
Look for footwear that will not over work the bunion, this means avoiding flip flops, ballet pumps and stilettos. The front of your shoe should provide some resistance when you push it up so that it assists the large joint when it bends and prevents the joint from jarring. 
The width of the shoe is also important. Draw round your foot on a page on the floor and place your shoe on top, you might be amazed at what fits in and what doesn’t. 
If you try all these approaches and you are still in pain or fear that your bunion is getting worse see a podiatrist. They will find out the cause and treat the cause with a comprehensive plan that may involve stretches, inserts, insoles or bespoke orthoses. These all aim not to ‘cure’ the bunion but prevent progress and avoid surgery. 
Surgery is generally the last resort and ideally will be carried out with a view to assessing the cause in order to prevent relapse in the future. 
So before you get the nearest chainsaw see what non invasive treatment will suit you. 
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