I just have to tell you about how 3D technology is coming to a podiatrist near you. 
Firstly, a disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Podfo and I use other orthotic suppliers also. 
Orthotics are insoles that are made for you. Bespoke devices are not new but even in the seventeen years I have been studying and practicing podiatry the production has evolved. The devices you will see in this video are 3D printed from a capture of the patient’s foot. All orthotics are prescribed meaning that the podiatrist adds corrective tweaks to support the feet and improve function. The capture plus the prescription create the finished device. 
These devices are super durable, easy to keep clean and do not have separate components that can come apart if the orthotic gets wet.  
AND they come in a variety of bright colours
I am busy saving my pennies to buy a 3D scanner to capture the foot impression. 
This will mean that I can email the scan and prescription across but for now I must stick to plaster of paris casting and snail mail!! 
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