I simply cannot let another Wimbledon go by (what do you mean it’s over?) without talking about the ankle braces Andy Murray wears. 
And before I go on I must say that I am completely independent from the brace but have supplied it to patients with complete success. 
Following an injury that caused his left ankle to become unstable Andy began to wear a brace to prevent injury. Then six years ago he sustained a tendon injury to his right ankle and began to wear braces on both ankles. 
As a nosey podiatrist, I had to see what the braces were assuming that they would be some kind of custom made (perhaps even gold plated) device. To my surprise they are the Aircast A60 which are an off the shelf device. 
Now I often swear that my husband only married me because I am a podiatrist. 
He has an hereditary turning in of his right ankle which originated in his hip. We have tried various braces over the years and even custom-made ones but for him these were all badly tolerated. 
So, we gave the Aircast A60 a bash and now he is on his second one and I’m tempted to buy a lifetime supply. 
It’s comfortable, flexible and easily fits in his shoes over his socks so no rubbing. 
Aircast A60 have this to say: 
• Our most lightweight, minimal bulk sports ankle brace. Provides a winning combination of effective ankle support and protection. 
• Ideal to wear as a preventative ankle injury brace during all sports. 
• Suitable for recovery from a sprained ankle, tarsal tunnel syndrome, swollen ankle and following a broken ankle. 
• May also be used for chronic ankle instabilities. 
Patent pending design incorporates a pair of sleek stabilisers located on either side of the ankle. These stabilisers are moulded at a 60-degree angle to help guard against a sprained ankle and prevent ankle rollover. Manufactured from Breath-O-Prene material. The A60 ensures that the wearer stays comfortable, cool and dry, while the light-weight design easily fits in athletic footwear without creating additional bulk. The Aircast A60 is applied and adjusted with a single Velcro strap that securely holds it in place, replacing time-consuming lacing. The Aircast A60 ankle brace features a specially designed split in the material under the foot; this allows you to move the mesh to one side so you can remove the support before washing. 
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