OK it’s time to get those feet ready for Winter, this is preparation time. Let’s do a week by week preparation. 
In a back to front way Foot Wear is first. 
This is a time of year I struggle to cope with regarding footwear. I want a shoe that understands that my feet have been footloose (erm) and fancy free in Fitflops or Birkenstocks all summer. They have been supported underneath but totally unrestricted on the top. 
I do not want a pair that look like school shoes which in my 40’s still haunts me. Nor do I want a pair that say…. This gal is 40 and has lost her mind. 
You would be hard pushed to beat this pair from M&S which is probably why they are flying off the shelves as I write. 
If they have disappeared in a cloud of smoke the key elements that make them so desirable for me are the sole and roomy toe box. 
The sole has flow, it is not flat flat flat. It is sturdy which here means that the toe area pushes back when I try to bend them. Resistance from the toe area will support your forefoot a key need for feet that are super mobile, have bunions or retracted toes. The slight difference between the rearfoot and forefoot helps create an arch without overloading the forefoot and allows me to wear the shoe without overworking my calf muscles. 
The brogue style provides enough room for my toes not to feel restricted and the laces allow the shoe to fit snuggly to my feet. 
Shoes similar to this pair are everywhere to suit all budgets this season, just remember shoe sizes are not an exact science and a 6 in one style can be completely different from a 6 in another so make sure the shoe fits comfortably with a little room for spread throughout the day but not too much free space or your foot will move and rub. 
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