Topical treatments from the chemist can work well especially if the infection hasn't reached the base of the nail.  
These are usually applied daily or weekly and the trick is PATIENCE and DO IT!!! 
Be prepared to treat until the affected nail grows out, a big toenail can take a year to completely replace itself. It is worth treating the skin for athlete‚Äôs foot at the same time if this is present, Canesten is great for this but athletes foot will recur while you get rid of the fungal nail. So, keep on top of it. 
If you are having no luck using topical treatments and you know that you have a fungal infection your GP can prescribe an oral antifungal. 
But you need to be healthy and not on any other medication that may interfere. This is to do with how our bodies process the medication. You still should wait for the damaged nail to grow out so don't lose hope. 
Sometimes nails can look fungal but they are not. Nails can pull away from the skin underneath and look yellow in one corner. This is because the blood vessels in the skin give a nail its pinky colour and when the nail is not flush to the skin, perhaps because your toe is not straight the pink does not shine through. 
Or you may simply have a damaged nail from a major trauma e.g. a horse standing on your toe or a minor trauma e.g. a tight shoe. 
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