Silver is known for its antibacterial properties and has been impregnated into wound dressings and household plasters because of this.  
But the benefits of silver extend far beyond this and silver socks provide benefits for many conditions. 
Warming Properties 
Silver socks keep your feet warm in the winter. The thermodynamic properties of silver use the energy generated by the feet and the in-shoe environment to regulate the temperature, reducing blistering and cooling the feet in the summer and warming them up in the winter. 
Neutralising Smelly Feet and Athlete’s Foot 
Silver is antimicrobial and is proven to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria and athlete’s foot causing fungi. It binds other odour causing agents such as ammonia for instant relief for your family members. 
Tackling Sweaty Feet 
The moisture wicking properties of silver draw sweat through the sock creating a dry environment which contributes to a reduction in blisters, smelly bacteria and overzealous fungi. 
The above properties of silver socks make them perfect for people who suffer from Chilblains, Raynauds, Diabetes, smelly or sweaty feet and Athlete’s foot. 
The socks are available in many high street stores and online!! 
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