We all need to look after our feet and a regular chiropody treatment will do this. 
Following a medical history your podiatrist will carry out a visual foot inspection, check your feet skin condition and temperature and assess your lower limb circulation and sensory responses. The general foot care treatment consists of nail care, hard skin removal and removal of corns if necessary. This is followed by a quick foot massage with a cream suitable for your skins needs. 

Lacuna Method 

Finally, there seems to be a way of successfully treating fungal toenail infections. The fungi and flora that usually live harmoniously on our feet under the right circumstances e.g. warm, dark footwear can develop into athlete‚Äôs foot and then start to invade the nail. 
There are three nail layers and the infection can be limited to the lower layers causing discolouration. Over time this can progress into the whole nail causing thickening and distortion of the nail. Topical application of anti-fungal treatments struggle to penetrate the nail. 
The Lacuna Method of Treating Fungal Nails involves painlessly drilling tiny holes into the nail while maintaining the integrity of the nail. This allows daily application of an anti-fungal agent to penetrate the nail and the nail bed. The patient also gets the measurable excitement of watching the fungal nail grow out. The process is repeated as the nail grows roughly every 6 weeks. 
The Lacuna Method [Lacuna, a noun, meaning: an unfilled space; a gap] is having a revival and early adopters are citing successful outcomes. 


We understand that it can be scary showing a stranger your foot, especially if it hurts. 
We endeavour to relax children and will never insist they undergo treatment if they do not wish to. Children may require a visit to a podiatrist for a range of conditions. 


We treat children with verrucae using a gentle, creamy version of Salicylic Acid. 
In-growing Toenails: Children can suffer in-growing toenails just like adults and at Stride Clinic we reassure all our patients big and small as we work as gently as possible to remove any nail spikes. If nail surgery is required we discuss the procedure in depth with your child to ensure they are as happy as possible. 

Gait Issues 

Often parents notice things about their child's walking and running patterns or how they wear down their shoes.  
Sometimes these can be something you recognise as a familial trait or something unique to your child perhaps from birth or a condition they live with. We can assess a child's gait using our experience of average parameters and milestones and decide if treatment, observation or referral to another expert is required. Janet has a Masters specialising in children's podiatry and has written several articles on the subject of junior gait pathology. 

Home Visits 

There are many reasons why a home visit is required. 
If you are unable to come to the clinic for any reason we are happy to come to your home. Maybe it is because you are housebound or your partner or family member relies on you to be at home. Perhaps it is your spouse who needs podiatry care. 
Whatever the reason we can arrange to come to your home on a regular basis or if you are housebound due to illness or post-surgery we are happy to visit as required. You will receive a high-quality treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

Treatments within Care Homes 

We offer a care home package to give your residents access to regular, high quality foot care and give you access to our professional payment plan. 
Through years of attending care homes we have gleaned experience in best practice to allow minimal disruption to your routine and reduce paperwork. Please call to arrange a discussion or a visit from our podiatrist to discuss your home's specific needs. 
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