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Athletes foot is generally easily treated using over the counter remedies but the fact that the nail harbours the fungal infection and is very slow to grow makes clearing up a fungal nail a challenge.  
Our nails are made up of three layers and the infection can be localised to the lowest layer and the skin under the nail plate. Onychomycosis can cause thickened, unsightly and sometimes painful nails in a variety of colours ranging from white to yellow and even green as different fungi families appear as different colours. 
Finally, there seems to be a way of successfully treating fungal toenail infections!!!!  
Well I say finally but there was a detailed description written in 1978 and like most great ideas it took decades to be an overnight success. 
The fungi and flora that usually live harmoniously on our feet (yum) under the right circumstances e.g. warm, dark footwear can develop into athlete’s foot and then start to invade the nail. There are three nail layers and the infection can be limited to the lower layers causing discolouration. Over time this can progress into the whole nail causing thickening and distortion of the nail. Topical application of anti-fungal treatments struggle to penetrate the nail. 
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