Podiatry and Chiropody 

Initial Consultation 

All our patients must have an initial consultation when a medical history is taken and treatment options discussed. A first treatment is usually carried out during this time 
30 mins - £37 

General Footcare 

An occasional or regular treatment, this involves a nail cut and callus and corn removal. More effective than a pedicure we finish with a massage of Gehwol cream tailored to your skin’s needs. 
30 mins - £34 

Simple Nail Cut 

For many reasons cutting our own nails can be almost impossible. A podiatrist can cut even the most difficult nails painlessly with an even finish. 
15 mins - £22 

Verrucae Treatment 

Treating a verrucae with Salicylic acid is painless and may require several weekly treatments to achieve resolution. 
15 mins - £20 

Verrucae Needling 

Falkner’s needling technique is ideal for patients who do not wish to attend for weekly treatments. It is carried out under local anaesthetic and reviewed two months later. 
60 mins - £180 

Nail Surgery 

Sometimes the best solution to an in-growing nail is to remove all or part of the nail. This is carried out under local anaesthetic and reviews and dressing packs are included in the price. 
1 toe 60 mins - £220 
2 toes 60 mins - £280 

Biomechanical Assessment 

Comprising of a medical history, clinical examination and gait analysis using our pressure plate and runway. We can diagnose pathological gait and prescribe corrective orthotics if necessary. 
Child - 60 mins - £75 
Adult - 60 mins - £90 

Lacuna Method [fungal nail treatment] 

Tiny perforations are made in the affected nail to allow the treatment spray [provided] to penetrate the nail and treat the skin underneath the nail where the infection originates. 
1 toe - £170 
2 toes - £240 


Prosthetic toenail reconstruction for patients with damaged or missing toenails. The nail can be painted and trimmed and lasts up to six weeks. 
From £50 

Insoles and Orthotics  

We offer a wide range of insoles and bespoke orthotics. 


Initial Consultation 

Bring shorts and comfortable underwear as a full postural examination is done. 
Bring a list of any medication you are taking. 
A full medical history will be taken on the first appointment.  
45 mins - £35 

General Treatment 

General follow up treatments as advised by the Osteopath. 
30 mins - £33 

Soft Tissue Massage 

Soft tissue massage is suitable for: 
Back and neck pain 
Sports injuries 
30 mins - £33 
60 mins - £49 
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