Podiatry and Chiropody 

Initial Consultation 

All patients are required to book in for an Initial Consultation During this appointment a medical history and condition history will be taken, treatment options discussed and if possible, a treatment will be carried out. This price of any future appointment will be discussed prior to treatments. There may be an extra charge for some treatments e.g. Verrutop, Local Anaesthetic, 5 minute Fungal Nail Test. 
45 mins - £52 

General Footcare 

This appointment consists of nail cut, callus and if necessary corn removal. During the treatment your general foot health, vascular and neurological factors are quickly assessed and if more in depth appointments are advised then this will be discussed. 
30 mins - £44 

Nails Cut - Podiatry Assistant 

For many reasons cutting our own nails can be challenging. Our podiatry assistant has more than 10 years’ experience, will carry out a visual check of your general foot health and if necessary, refer you for further treatment. 
15 mins - £32 

Verrucae Treatment 

Verrutop application is almost painless, this treatment is 89% successful within a maximum of 6 treatments and is reapplied fortnightly. 
15 mins - £34 

Verrucae Needling 

Falkner’s needling technique is ideal for patients with stubborn verrucae. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, reviews are carried out after 2, 4 and if necessary 6 months. These are included in the cost. 
60 mins - £250 


We accept BUPA, WPA, AVIVA, and Vitality Health. 
In order to use these we require a pre authorisation code from your insurer as well as your membership number. If you are booking an Initial Consultation using insurance you must call 01270 767744 as our online booking system requires payment in advance for this appointment. 

Nail Surgery 

Sometimes the best solution to an in-growing nail is to remove all or part of the nail. This is carried out under local anaesthetic and reviews and dressing packs are included in the price. [Includes up to 3 follow up appointments.] 
1 toe 60 mins - £240 
2 toes 75 mins - £300 

Fungal Nail Treatment 

May be necessary to diagnose a fungal nail. Clippings are taken and tested, and the results are back within 5 minutes. This allows us to develop a treatment plan. 
Category A - 45 mins - £60 
Category B - 30 mins - £45 
Category C - 15 mins - £35 

Biomechanical Assessment 

Comprising of a medical history, clinical examination and gait analysis using our pressure plate, treadmill and slow-motion camera technology. We aim to diagnose pathological gait and develop a treatment plan that may include, strapping, an exercise programme or bespoke orthotics. 
Under 16 - 60 mins - £85 
Adult - 60 mins - £100 
New Patient - 75 mins - £130 
Insole Issue - £32 
6 Week Follow Up - £32 

Annual Diabetic Assessment 

New Patient - 45 mins - £70 
Repeat Annual Diabetic Assessment - 30 mins - £55 


Prosthetic toenail reconstruction for patients with damaged or missing toenails. The nail can be painted and trimmed and lasts 6 to 8 weeks. 
1st Toenail - 45 mins - £60 
2+ Toenails - 75 mins - £70 
3-10 Toenails - 90 mins - £100 

Home Visits  

When required, we can offer home visits for those in the local area who are unable to attend the clinic. 
Single Patient - £50 
Double Visit - (£37.50) each - £75 


Initial Consultation 

The initial consultation runs for approximately one hour where we get to understand your symptoms, including case history, examination and treatment. 
60 mins - £58 

Follow Up Appointments 

Follow up appointment including assessment and treatment continuing your care. 
Standard Follow Up 30 mins - £48 
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