Posts from December 2017

Many older people suffer with swollen ankles and feet and this can be really alarming. But the good news is that usually this is just part of the aging process.  
In young and middle-aged people swollen feet (when not pregnant) is definitely a reason to see a GP. Also in any age group a single swollen leg, ankle or foot is a cause for concern.  
In the older population having the feet and ankles in both legs swell is something to be managed carefully but not anything to be too worried about unless there is a sudden change in this. 
The riveting subject of the aging foot continues and this week the natural progression is towards corns and callus.  
These phenomena are not restricted to the older person or even the older woman although these are stereotypical who we think of when the words corn, and callus are mentioned. 
Callus is just hard skin… 
We all love babies little plump feet and the fattiness that settles in the ball and heel of our feet protects and cushions our feet throughout our life. But as we age this fattiness reduces causing problems. 
This is called Fat Pad Atrophy and can happen in younger people due to illness e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, foot structure e.g. high arched feet or mechanical forces e.g. prolonged wearing of high heels. In older people Fat Pad Atrophy occurs due to wear and tear and natural progression and this is increased in people with Diabetes. 
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