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Last blog I wrote a bit about who we are, what we do… that’s podiatrists, not some alien species, and how to look after your feet.  
In this sequel (lol) I want to explain a wee bit more about conditions we treat and why podiatrists are the go to guys when it comes to lower limb conditions. 
People walk lots and wear shoes, or don’t wear shoes, or wear the wrong shoes. FACT 
People get foot problems or knee problems or hip problems and hope there is an instant cure. FACT 
These two facts are related funny enough and when people get problems generally we are too busy to do anything or aren’t sure who to go to. 
Most podiatrists are knowledgeable and approachable and if we feel that we are not the right professional for you we will refer you to the right one. 
June is Foot Health Month and this year podiatrists want to let you know how amazing your feet are and let you know how to keep them that way!  
Julia Bradbury who is passionate about walking is The College of Podiatry’s sponsor for this special event.  
She is quoted in Podiatry Now (our monthly magazine) as saying ‘A visit to my podiatrist is a part of my health and fitness routine and helps me keep my feet in prime condition.’ 
For my first blog of 2018 I would love to tell you about what a person has to do to become a podiatrist…. 
My career began when I was 25 years old. I had not yet gone to university as I was really unsure what I wanted to do/be….  
I had tried many jobs and still felt a bit lost and then I met a Podiatrist!! 
I am searching for a podiatrist to join my team. 
Successfully Aaron will be joining me to run a Saturday Clinic.  
But I still need a part time pod (moving to full time in the future).  
There is a dearth of podiatrists so have a look at this video to see what it's all about.  
It is simply one of the most rewarding careers ever and there is a shortage so jobs a plenty for GOOD ENTHUSIASTIC PODIATRISTS. 
If I had a pound for every time someone asked me this... I'd never need to work again! No, seriously this is the enigma of the podiatrist. So here we go... 
The titles of Chiropodist and Podiatrist are protected in the UK and this means that only professionals qualified and registered can legally use these to define their profession. Essentially the two are interchangeable but this can still be very confusing. 
So, what is the difference? Well, my degree is in Podiatry but one of the things I do is chiropody. There. Cheerio. 
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