Posts from February 2020

Recently I treated a new patient who had been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis by her G.P. weeks ago and had been hobbling round ever since in agony. 
A podiatrist who treats heel pain will never have a chat and hand you a pair of insoles. 
I take about an hour. In this time, I take a medical and family history. This is to understand if there are any underlying conditions that you already know of that may contribute to the problem, medications that you take that may interfere with treatment or anything that you may not have flagged up that may affect diagnose or treatment. 
It is impossible to treat heel pain until a diagnosis has been made.  
I have been there, the knife like pain in the heel first thing in the morning and the dull ache that makes your heart sink every step you take, accompanied by a sharp tug in the arch when I need to go on my tip toes. The sheer relentlessness of it makes you grab the nearest pain killer in anticipation of what is to come. 
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