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The riveting subject of the aging foot continues and this week the natural progression is towards corns and callus.  
These phenomena are not restricted to the older person or even the older woman although these are stereotypical who we think of when the words corn, and callus are mentioned. 
Callus is just hard skin… 
People always want to know why they have hard skin as if there is a magical way to never have hard skin again.  
We can improve hard skin with routine trips to a podiatrist and regular applications of a foot cream with 10% Urea in it.  
Filing twice a week helps too but waiting three months and then rubbing your feet until they burn with your cheese grater of choice is never a good idea. 
But why, oh why, do we get it? 
Week three of winter foot care.  
Now you have your shoes and are treating your nails it is time to look at hard skin. 
You really cannot beat a trip to a HCPC registered podiatrist to have all your hard skin removed to give you the best start to regular maintenance. You podiatrist will debride your hard skin (Callus) using a scalpel and sanding discs. Then it is over to you. 
A caustic is a substance that is destructive to living tissue. Podiatrist have access to several with different actions, my favourite is 60% Salicylic Acid.  
It destroys Keratin, a protein that forms part of the epidermis where the Verrucae lives. This painless treatment is usually well tolerated. 
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