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It’s the second week of getting your feet ready for winter and this is the perfect time to prep your nails for next summer. 
A big toe nail can take up to a year to grow out and if you have ever dropped something on your toe or bruised a nail during running you will know this as you painstakingly watch the blacked old nail grow out. 
So as soon as it is sock time think nail care. 
For fungal nails this is the perfect time to try the Lacuna Method of treatment which I have blogged about before. If your fungal nails are beyond the Lacuna Method a course of Terbinafine from your GP should do the job. 
• If you have been wearing metallic nails throughout the summer you may find a whitish colour on the top layer of nail when you finally remove the varnish. 
• If you have been wearing reds or dark colours you may have a yellow or brown staining on the top layer of nail. 
• If you have had a cured gel nail polish applied over the summer you may find the nails weak and brittle when the polish is removed by your beautician. 
I know, I know... cutting your nail across is the only way to do it, right? 
If you are lucky enough to have none of the above and have a lovely flat nail like this one then please cut it straight across and it will stay lovely. 
Unfortunately, many of us do not have flat nails and have variations on the top images to a greater or lesser degree. Cutting these can be a minefield and really, it's worth seeing a podiatrist and having a lesson on nail cutting. The curly nails, called involuted nails, impact the skin and can cause hard skin and corns to develop along the nail borders. They can become painful. 
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