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My daughter is heading to Creamfields later this summer and as a podiatrist this is when I can really get into annoying parent mode.  
So, while she is worrying how close she can get to The Chainsmokers I am wandering round mumbling words like Welly Legs and Immersion Feet. 
Online there are several weird and wonderful items to make your festival life ‘erm easier (shoe covers that look like giant trainers!!!) it really is not complicated.  
So, when you are packing items to bundle into your wheelbarrow or whatever think of your feet. All other clothes items can get wet and muddy, but your feet are the things that can make or break your crazy jumping about at the gig and after the whole thing is over. 
Varicose Vein surgery has been named in a list of 17 procedures that NHS England has deemed unnecessary as it aims to save money and even out the current postcode lottery for some treatments.  
This has probably got varicose vein sufferers in a panic but let’s take a look at what varicose veins are and what non-surgical treatment options are out there. 
There are many factors that would make you prone to various veins and wouldn’t you know it being female is one, as is being pregnant.  
Family history, being overweight, age and prolonged periods of standing for example as part of your job all contribute and the more boxes you tick the more likely you are to develop varicose veins. 
Photo by Eirik Skarstein on Unsplash 
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