Posts from September 2017

I am searching for a podiatrist to join my team. 
Successfully Aaron will be joining me to run a Saturday Clinic.  
But I still need a part time pod (moving to full time in the future).  
There is a dearth of podiatrists so have a look at this video to see what it's all about.  
It is simply one of the most rewarding careers ever and there is a shortage so jobs a plenty for GOOD ENTHUSIASTIC PODIATRISTS. 
I have seen an increase in the number of patient’s presenting with what I call Festival Feet.  
This would have been called Trench Foot (originating in 1812 with Napoleon’s Army) and more recently Immersion Feet. Immersion Feet has been seen in people who assist in disasters and foot soldiers who are deep in jungle environments. 
Festival Feet – yes, you’ve guessed it, occurs amongst the population who brave the wet and wild festival season. 
These adventurers unwittingly expose their feet to cold (below 15°C), wet and often unhygienic conditions for prolonged periods of time, although the condition can take less than a day to manifest. 
I just have to tell you about how 3D technology is coming to a podiatrist near you. 
Firstly, a disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Podfo and I use other orthotic suppliers also. 
Orthotics are insoles that are made for you. Bespoke devices are not new but even in the seventeen years I have been studying and practicing podiatry the production has evolved. The devices you will see in this video are 3D printed from a capture of the patient’s foot. All orthotics are prescribed meaning that the podiatrist adds corrective tweaks to support the feet and improve function. The capture plus the prescription create the finished device. 
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