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Many people have lost or damaged toenails and this can be unsightly and embarrassing. There are a variety of causes. 
• Missing due to nail surgery 
• Damaged through fungal nail infection 
• Missing due to trauma 
• Missing or incomplete due to nail pathology 
• Damaged through medication 
The first picture here is from a female patient (permission granted). Three and a half years ago a horse stood on her right big toe causing a lot of trauma resulting in the nail coming off completely. 
This week I want to chat a little more about what is out there for people with difficult nails. 
Summer is here (well it was, it’s pouring now) and many men and women are embarrassed about getting their toenails out. 
• People with fungal nails or nails destroyed from chronic fungal nail infections. 
• People with nails totally or partially removed through surgery or trauma. 
• People with thickened and distorted nails from major or minor trauma. 
You may feel that you are alone, but you are not and there is a very effective solution to this problem which can be used short term – over the holidays or reapplied to look great all year round. 
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