Posts tagged “Chilblains”

As winter settles in it is common to see an increase in Chilblains, mainly in the older population, people with circulatory issues or people with conditions such as Raynaud’s.  
But is it a coincidence that there has been an increase in younger people suffering with this painful problem since early 2020? 
Chilblains… ‘Oooh my chilblains!’ Sounds like something your granny might have said in the stone age, but chilblains are still around, affecting 1 in 10 people, and they do not only occur in the elderly. 
So, what are they? Firstly, they are very painful in a burning and/or itchy way. Usually they are small patches that occur on the extremities, that is fingers, toes, nose and ears. They are red, blue or purple and can be swollen, crack and even cause skin breakdown. 
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