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For my first blog of 2018 I would love to tell you about what a person has to do to become a podiatrist…. 
My career began when I was 25 years old. I had not yet gone to university as I was really unsure what I wanted to do/be….  
I had tried many jobs and still felt a bit lost and then I met a Podiatrist!! 
This is a very important blog. 
I have been on my holidays and have come back raring to go (as we say in my native Northern Ireland).  
When I returned I was THRILLED to see my Private Practice Accreditation certificate had arrived.  
I didn’t even know that my application had been approved!  
Weeks and weeks of drawing up documents and policies and reading everything relating to best practice I could find had paid off. 
A podiatrist is a lower limb specialist and has, you will be glad to know, a plethora or treatments in their armoury. 
In your first appointment, they will check if you have been wearing good footwear and had a go at stretching. 
They will take a history and decide if your plantar fasciitis is acute or chronic. 
Acute plantar fasciitis responds well to a treatment called low-dye strapping. This sports strapping supports the foot and allows you to go about your daily business and wear ordinary shoes. It lasts several days and can help reduce inflammation and get you over a ‘hump’ in your recovery. Low-dye strapping is also a good indicator of how you would respond to orthotic therapy. Sometime the strapping needs to be repeated weekly to get the best recovery. 
If I had a pound for every time someone asked me this... I'd never need to work again! No, seriously this is the enigma of the podiatrist. So here we go... 
The titles of Chiropodist and Podiatrist are protected in the UK and this means that only professionals qualified and registered can legally use these to define their profession. Essentially the two are interchangeable but this can still be very confusing. 
So, what is the difference? Well, my degree is in Podiatry but one of the things I do is chiropody. There. Cheerio. 
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