Posts from July 2017

I have recently seen a lot of heel pain in the clinic and at this time of the year there is one culprit which prevails in the cause of this. 
Picture the scene, you’ve been on your holibobs, spent a fortnight, all-inclusive sunning yourself around a clear blue pool only rising during to pad over to the pool side bar for a strawberry daiquiri. The nights are spent dancing, walking into the local town to try something new and when you look down at your feet, shock, horror you have been wearing a pair of FLIP FLOPS for two weeks!!! 
So what? You may say. In my opinion, you may as well stick a piece of cardboard onto your feet for a fortnight. 
I simply cannot let another Wimbledon go by (what do you mean it’s over?) without talking about the ankle braces Andy Murray wears. 
And before I go on I must say that I am completely independent from the brace but have supplied it to patients with complete success. 
Following an injury that caused his left ankle to become unstable Andy began to wear a brace to prevent injury. Then six years ago he sustained a tendon injury to his right ankle and began to wear braces on both ankles. 
As a nosey podiatrist, I had to see what the braces were assuming that they would be some kind of custom made (perhaps even gold plated) device. To my surprise they are the Aircast A60 which are an off the shelf device. 
This week I want to chat a little more about what is out there for people with difficult nails. 
Summer is here (well it was, it’s pouring now) and many men and women are embarrassed about getting their toenails out. 
• People with fungal nails or nails destroyed from chronic fungal nail infections. 
• People with nails totally or partially removed through surgery or trauma. 
• People with thickened and distorted nails from major or minor trauma. 
You may feel that you are alone, but you are not and there is a very effective solution to this problem which can be used short term – over the holidays or reapplied to look great all year round. 
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