This week's blog talks about a relatively new treatment for verrucae which is great if you are busy because it's a one-off treatment with reviews roughly every two months. 
It's called needling and, yes, it could do with a less scary name but it is what it is!! 
Needling was first carried out in America in 1969 and success rates of 70 – 90% after a single treatment are common. 
One verrucae will be selected to treat and the surrounding area anaesthetised. 
Once the area has become completely numb your podiatrist will remove any surrounding callus.  
Next a sterile needle is pushed into the verrucae and through to the dermis causing a tiny bleed. This is done around 150 times in a lesion 10mm diameter. Once this is done the lesion stops bleeding almost immediately. 
The area will be dressed with a sterile dressing which you should not remove for 24hrs. You may walk straight after the procedure but you should not drive until the anaesthetic has worn off. 
Needling will cause a scab to form over the verrucae and this will fall off as would a normal scab. Post treatment patients report little or no pain and little or no bleeding. 
Resolution of the treated verrucae is usually within 8 weeks of needling but has taken up to 16 weeks. A second needling will be considered at 16 weeks. If you have more than one verrucae, all should resolve after the treated one is cured. 
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