Week three of winter foot care.  
Now you have your shoes and are treating your nails it is time to look at hard skin. 
You really cannot beat a trip to a HCPC registered podiatrist to have all your hard skin removed to give you the best start to regular maintenance. You podiatrist will debride your hard skin (Callus) using a scalpel and sanding discs. Then it is over to you. 
TWICE A WEEK use a foot file (no batteries needed) to gently buff your dry feet over the areas you usually get hard skin. 
This is to slough off dead skin cells and expose the elastic skin underneath. It is best to do this little and often to prevent build up rather than waiting for callus to appear and then file as hard as you can. The latter is often ineffective and can cause heat to build up and the skin to tear. 
ONCE A DAY apply foot cream. The skin on the sole of your feet is different that the skin on the rest of your body. This is why even though some people are good at regularly popping cream on their feet they still get dry and callused skin. Dry skin and sweaty skin are prone to Athletes Foot so a happy balance is perfect. 
Dry skin lacks Urea which is a natural moisturising factor. Therefore, creams which replace this are more effective than water based emollients. 
For severe dry skin and cracked heels use a cream containing 25% Urea for a month then maintain the quality with a cream containing 10% Urea. If you think your skin is not too dry to start with then 10% Urea cream will aid skin regeneration and hydration and keep those pesky cracks at bay. 
Try Ureka from your podiatrist. 
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