I have seen an increase in the number of patient’s presenting with what I call Festival Feet.  
This would have been called Trench Foot (originating in 1812 with Napoleon’s Army) and more recently Immersion Feet. Immersion Feet has been seen in people who assist in disasters and foot soldiers who are deep in jungle environments. 
Festival Feet – yes, you’ve guessed it, occurs amongst the population who brave the wet and wild festival season. 
These adventurers unwittingly expose their feet to cold (below 15°C), wet and often unhygienic conditions for prolonged periods of time, although the condition can take less than a day to manifest. 
What is it? 
A cold, swollen, white/grey foot that feels numb and painful. If this is not treated pins and needles and possibly blisters and peeling can occur. If this is still left untreated, open sores, fungal infections and open sores can lead to gangrene. 
Holy Moley – How do I treat it? 
Act fast!!! Gently warm by soaking for 5mins in warm water, dry well and elevate, do not put socks on but keep the feet dry and warm by covering them with a blanket, rest. 
As swelling reduces there may be tingling as the tissues warm up. Problems can persist for several months. 
Grand but how do I stop it happening? 
Change socks regularly but don’t wear them in bed. Clean feet and dry them daily. Wear well fitting, dry footwear made from natural materials. 
These simple but vital tips can not only prevent Festival Feet but keep you healthy all over during your crazy days in the festival jungle. 
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