My daughter is heading to Creamfields later this summer and as a podiatrist this is when I can really get into annoying parent mode.  
So, while she is worrying how close she can get to The Chainsmokers I am wandering round mumbling words like Welly Legs and Immersion Feet. 
Online there are several weird and wonderful items to make your festival life ‘erm easier (shoe covers that look like giant trainers!!!) it really is not complicated.  
So, when you are packing items to bundle into your wheelbarrow or whatever think of your feet. All other clothes items can get wet and muddy, but your feet are the things that can make or break your crazy jumping about at the gig and after the whole thing is over. 
The simple rules are keep your feet dry and at an even temperature. 
Welly legs occur when you wear, yes, you’ve guested it… Wellingtons but with socks that are short. The top of the welly’s rub and irritate the leg causing redness and possibly exacerbate conditions like dermatitis and eczema.  
Therefore, this is super easy to sort out, wear trousers or long welly socks. 
Immersion feet, trench foot and festival feet are all the same thing and can occur when the feet get waterlogged. This can be as a result of wearing socks that are wet through sweat or rain (or beer). Or from wearing flip flops in the wet mud and letting the feet get drenched.  
Feet that are waterlogged are painful and the skin can crack, bleed and allow fungal and bacterial infections to run rampant. This condition can take a long time after the event to recover, sometimes years. 
Frankly immersion feet is bad enough but if at night you creep into your tent in the wee small hours and let your feet get really cold you can make the symptoms get worse a lot quicker. 
So here it is, during the day if you are wearing welly’s wear long socks or leg coverings. If you are wearing shoes that get wet, change them and your socks. Only wear flip flops in the dry weather. AND wear socks at night. If you can find a sensible moment in the morning clean your feet with a baby wipe and apply some foot cream. 
I’m off to buy several pairs of socks for my firstborn… 
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