A caustic is a substance that is destructive to living tissue. Podiatrist have access to several with different actions, my favourite is 60% Salicylic Acid.  
It destroys Keratin, a protein that forms part of the epidermis where the Verrucae lives. This painless treatment is usually well tolerated. 
Your podiatrist will remove any overlying callus and the area to be treated will be masked off to contain the Salicylic Acid to the verrucae.  
After application, the treated area will be covered. This area MUST be kept dry for 24 hours and if possible, the dressing can remain on for a few more days, though showering is permitted. 
When the dressing is removed the treated area will look raised and white like the image above. 
This treatment needs to be repeated, ideally weekly for several weeks. 
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