For my first blog of 2018 I would love to tell you about what a person has to do to become a podiatrist…. 
My career began when I was 25 years old. I had not yet gone to university as I was really unsure what I wanted to do/be….  
I had tried many jobs and still felt a bit lost and then I met a Podiatrist!! 
I asked the usual question ‘What is a Podiatrist?’ and for some reason the answer made me want to know more.  
I actually cannot remember the answer now (I’m 43 now) but I grabbed the nearest syllabus and read up on the course. WOW: Biochemistry leading to pharmacology; whole body anatomy leading to dissection of the lower limb; medicine; the physics of gait; the biology of wound healing…. on and on. 
I will tell you this Podiatry is the most exciting degree I have ever come across. It is a three-year degree, 9-5 every day, so no days off, 50% lectures and 50% clinical hours, in a real clinic, with real people! Placements, volunteering and a fabulous career opportunity at the end. 
It blew my mind and has not stopped blowing it 18 years later. 
If you want to have a career in a health sector that challenges you every day and has options far and wide within podiatry and across the world then this is for you. But be warned Podiatrists are the most passionate lower limb people you will ever meet!!!!! Oh, and we love evidence based research! 
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